Bemis Family Pictures

We hope that you enjoy the pictures of our family. The picture to the left is Cathy, Michael,& Robbie. The picture to the right last Christmas Family Picture 2002 David absent & born in 2004.  


Four pictures below Christmas 2006 1st Cathy & Robbie, 2nd David, Michael, & 3rd Scott

& David






Nancy, Cathy David 05 January 2007

David & electric train 05 January 2007

David & Sunny

Nancy, David, Robbie,& Sunny



Gordon & Lynne                                                     Phillip, Lynne, & Judson




Hannah Summer 2007                                                        Judson, Phillip, Kristen, Adam & Hannah



Grandson David and Our Sunny right.



David helping dig potatoes 09.07


David Halloween party 2007

Grand Mom & David Easter 2008

David & Grand Dad Easter 2008

David & Grand Dad Easter 2008






Nancy Blue Lagoon Iceland July 2006  

50th high school reunion with school bus

Christmas 2008