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                                                   Kathleen Gallison Dunn                                                           David & Ann Olafsen Cunningham         


Along with her picture Kate enclosed her web site Kate Gallison. Kate has published several books which are listed on the site.




Ann writes that it can't possibly be fifty years since that hot June night! She states that "I never lost my belief in Santa Clause & now I am married to him Ho Ho!!!" My best to all.





                     Marie & Bob Teston                                     Pat McDonough Sherman & Husband SK Sherman

       Pat has been married to SK Sherman since November 2001, has  four children ( one deceased), & three grandchildren. Now retired from the National Cancer Institute after twenty five years, she is enjoying being a free lance artist & part time librarian. She has won numerous awards for her hobbies in running, painting, & gardening. 


Chuck & Joyce Darida                                                                                 Terry & Lucille Caruso Rothemich


            Chuck & Joyce write that they will be unable to attend the  reunion due a prior commitment. Wish all the best & have a ball!



             Edna Connor Brown                                                                  Lee & Edna Connor Brown  (Lee died in 2002) 


Edna Connor Brown & Family


Beverly Beals Winton & Family


65th Birthday Celebration 2004


Joan Babbitt Shepherd, Pat Fels Freeman, & Edna Connor Brown



                       Paul & Carol Kish Davignon (2006)                         Lois (Futz) Machado & triplets grandchildren (Belle, James, & Eva)


Bob & Lois Fetz Machado with family standing left to right Troy, Bob, Mark, Scott, Laura

Sitting left to right Lois & Linda 


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