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                                                Ed Steup & Grandson                                                                       Kathy & Bill Saloukas



                                                                                                               Watchung Girls

                                                                                       L. to R.: Carol, Edna, Sally, Eileen, Winnie, & Gail



                                                 Chip Rittenhouse                                                                            Carol Kime Woodland



Allan and Judy Kuhlken Latty at a Navy Ball. Judy Latty died on May 31, 1998.  Allan and Judy were married for 38 years.

                     Pat & Allan Latty married eight years                                                                                               



                     Pat & Allan Latty        Captain Allan Latty USN.  Picture was taken while Allan was Director of Pastoral Care (1992-1995) at Naval Medical Center San Diego, San Diego, CA




Pat and Allan were married on Oct. 16th, 1999.

Allan and Pat live in Phoenix, AZ during the winter and spring and in Calgary, AB during the summer and fall.  Allan is a retired Presbyterian minister and a retired US Navy chaplain.  He served in the Navy for 30-years and served in an inner-city Presbyterian church in Phoenix, AZ for five-years.  Allan enjoys golf, piano and travel, and Pat is active in volunteer work and yoga.  They are looking forward to the big reunion!


                                          Allan's Dream Car, 2002 Vette  

         The above five pictures were submitted by Allan & Pat Latty. Allan would like to hear from his fellow classmates & his email address is



                                         Chuck Warren in his full attire                                   Win Franklin, Jr.& Family celebrating 40th anniversary & retirements






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